Welcome to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Cost Estimator

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is a specialized children’s hospital that offers a full range of services to children – from routine primary care to expert specialized medical care, treatment and follow-up for complex conditions. Since the hospital’s start in 1855, CHOP has been a birthplace for breakthroughs and dramatic firsts in pediatric medicine. Today, families like yours come to CHOP for innovative treatments, compassionate care and a wealth of support services to battle disease, regain function and live their lives to the fullest. Our specialty-trained and experienced staff are committed to providing your child with the safest, highest-quality and most family-centered care possible.

About the Cost Estimator

  • CHOP has developed this cost estimator tool to give you an idea of the amount you will be required to pay for certain services. However, there are limitations and the estimate you receive is not a guarantee. The estimate may be different from the actual amount you are billed after your child’s service is complete.
  • You may also have the right to request a "Good Faith Estimate". This Cost Estimator Tool is not the same as a "Good Faith Estimate". Learn more about ""Good Faith Estimates". You can use this form to request an estimate from CHOP's Patient Cost Estimate team.
  • Cost estimates are for certain inpatient and outpatient services provided at all CHOP locations, except CHOP Specialty Care Center at Lancaster. If your service will be at this location or if it is not listed in the cost estimator, please call 267-426-1467. Estimates for outpatient services are the same for all other CHOP outpatient locations. Estimates for inpatient services are the same for all CHOP inpatient locations.
  • Due to the variety in health insurance plan designs and the individual conditions of each patient at the time of services, CHOP’s estimator cannot provide the actual amount of what your patient responsibility will be for any service. For example: 
    • This cost estimator does not take into account whether or not you have satisfied any portion of your deductible.
    • It does not take into account if you have a tiered plan.
    • If your plan requires prior authorization or a referral, your cost could be different if those are not received by the time services are provided.
    • The cost estimator will generally calculate your co-payment and co-insurance responsibilities.
    • Because insurance data is received from your insurance plan, it may not always be up to date. Your health plan will have up-to-date, accurate information.
  • Because of changes in patient condition and insurances, cost estimates are only valid for 30 days from the date of this report.
  • CHOP’s estimator tool will provide you with both your estimated hospital and professional (physician) costs.
  • Even though you will receive one total estimated amount, you may receive multiple bills. One is for the hospital service and there may be others for various professional services. This sometimes requires more than one copayment and/or coinsurance amount.
  • The cost estimator does not include discounts offered by CHOP that may be available for some eligible patients. For example, CHOP offers financial assistance to eligible patients in financial need. Please call CHOP’s Family Health Coverage Program at 1-800-974-2125 for more information.
  • Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

We strongly encourage you to contact your health plan directly to receive a more accurate estimate of your individual financial responsibility for any service at CHOP.